Nashville Counselor practicing EMDR, DBT, CBT, mindfulness, and recovery coaching.

Will Radford, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been practicing in the field of behavioral health for many years.  My formal education is a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s in Clinical Social Work.  I am trained in EMDR, DBT, CBT (described in services) and have worked in the addictions field for over 25 years.  My experience includes working with adolescents, couples, families and individuals dealing with issues from addiction to anxiety and depression.  I normally work with people 18 and older but in the right circumstance will see younger.  I see families and couples.  I also offer Recovery Coaching for individuals contemplating recovery or beginning a recovery journey.

I also offer Recovery Coaching for families of loved ones effected by addiction.  Helping individuals and families make the right choice for treatment by an objective party is a service I offer.  I have worked in the addiction’s treatment field in roles from individual and family therapist to Clinical Director of one of Tennessee’s largest treatment facilities.  I am a person in recovery and have only the greatest compassion and care for all who suffer with life’s hardships and always attempt to demonstrate that in my practice.  I have explored many avenues of spirituality and am comfortable and interested in assisting others explore and give meaning to their own journey. In my practice I often will offer along with traditional approaches the use of the arts in the form of music, video and creative writing.  I usually try to use a variety of the healing modalities and blend them in to what fits best for the client.  Whatever a person is challenged with, reaching out for help I believe is a statement of hope. I do not like to see someone as having a pathology but as a person who through old experiences and beliefs has lost sight of their worth and beauty.

My goal is to always offer understanding and compassion and help people remember who they really are.


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